Modern Day Challenges for Car Windscreen Replacement

Modern Day Challenges for Car Windscreen Replacement
Posted by Darren Pay on Apr 28, 2022

Your vehicle windscreen could get damaged due to various factors such as hailstorms, harsh weather conditions, dirt, dust, debris or flying stones. The severity of the destruction could be high or low depending on how intense the impact was, if your vehicle windscreen was already damaged with cracks and chips, and if it was properly installed or not. Based on how severe the harm is, your technician would suggest a repair service or a replacement.

Although it was simpler to get your windscreen replaced earlier, that isn't the case now. One of the main modern-day challenges that vehicle owners face is the complications in getting a replacement for their windscreen.

ADAS in Contemporary Vehicles

As time passed, technology among other things has been one to drastically evolve, introducing advanced systems with modern technology into contemporary vehicles. It has become almost essential for advanced vehicles to come with safety features installed such as the ADAS, also known as the Advanced Driver Assistance System. The purpose of the ADAS is to ensure the safety of the driver and pedestrians by preventing accidents using cameras, sensors, radars, etc.

However, one of the disadvantages of having an ADAS is that most of them are usually mounted on the rear or front glass of the vehicle. They include lane-departure warning, collision avoidance systems, Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB), and adaptive cruise control.

Although these features are beneficial to the driver and pedestrians, they could make a simple vehicle windscreen replacement way more complicated than it should be.

What are the Challenges involved in a Windscreen Replacement?

Damaged WindscreenAs we mentioned earlier, these sensors, cameras and advanced systems are mounted on the front or rear windscreen. Therefore, it is essential to efficiently remove these sensors before replacing the glass and to carefully and accurately mount them onto the new glass that is going to be used. They would also require recalibration to work efficiently once it is fixed onto the new glass.

Now, not all windscreen replacement technicians are well-versed or know how to efficiently install these sensors. Additionally, even a slight difference in the position of these advanced systems could completely overthrow the effectiveness of the ADAS and any signs of malfunction wouldn't show until an accident took place. Therefore, it is essential that you get your windscreen replacement only by a reliable technician who is also experienced in ADAS installation.

ADAS: Tips for Car Windscreen Replacement

  • Maintain All Manufacturer Specifications:

    Depending on the model and make of your vehicle, you will receive a detailed specification regarding your vehicle windscreen replacement by your car's manufacturer. It is essential that you carefully store all the paperwork and details about your vehicle such as the VIN, year of manufacture, and list of ADAS features.

    Having all the information together would help your windscreen technician have a better understanding of your vehicle and the necessary steps needed to take in the installation of the windscreen without hampering your ADAS features.

  • Never Compromise on Time or Money:

    As there are more complications involved in the glass replacement of a modern vehicle with advanced technology, be prepared to expect a higher charge and a longer time duration for the completion of the replacement. A trusted and reliable technician would be very transparent and update you regarding the replacement and mounting process. As you already know, good things take time so be generous with your time and money if you wish for a good and efficient replacement.

  • Pick a Windscreen Replacement Service Wisely:

    Car WindscreenSince your car windscreen is extremely important to ensure your safety while driving on the road, you shouldn't take the risk of getting your windscreen replacement at a cheaper rate from a less reliable or trusted place.

    You should get your windscreen replaced only by a trusted technician and at a reliable company that uses an authentic OEM-recommended windscreen for your car and the right equipment for efficient replacement of your windscreen.

  • A1 Windscreens Experts to the Rescue!

    If you are looking for a reliable windscreen repair and replacement company that provides efficient services without compromising the advanced features of your vehicle, then A1 Windscreens is it! Our skilled technicians follow all the necessary standard guidelines to ensure high-quality services and provide various services for all your windscreen needs at cost-efficient rates. Contact our experts today for a quick quote!

In conclusion, windscreen replacement isn't as easy as it used to be due to the various factors involved such as the installation of ADAS on the front or rear windscreen. However, following the tips mentioned above will help simplify the process a tad bit.


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