Ever Heard of ADAS Calibration? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ever Heard of ADAS Calibration? Here’s What You Need to Know
Posted by Darren Pay on Jul 14, 2022

Driving a car these days feels so safe and why shouldn't it with all these built-in safety features. Nowadays, modern cars come with collision avoidance, parking cameras, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and other safety features. For these features to work properly there are a set of sensors and cameras that need to be calibrated accurately.

These sensors and cameras that are fitted into your windscreen are essential for your vehicle's ADAS, also known as advanced driver assistance systems. If ever you damage your windscreen or decide to change it, then you must recalibrate the system for the safety function to work effectively. Continue reading to know more about calibrating your ADAS and why this service is so essential.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Features

Advanced driver assistance systems technology has been around since 1950. The first safety feature in a vehicle was the anti-lock brakes. There have been many safety features for all types of automobiles added ever since then.

Here's a list of a few advanced driver assistance system features that might be installed in your vehicle:

  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Traction control system
  • Reverse cameras
  • Lane departure alerts
  • Parking guidance
  • Traffic sign identification
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Pedestrian detector

For these features to function effectively there are various sensors and cameras precisely set in your car.

What Causes Your Advanced Driver Assistance System to Malfunction?

ADAS solutionsA damaged glass due to a collision will require a replacement, this will naturally cause problems with the position of the ADAS sensors and cameras that are installed on your glass.

However, there are other factors that can cause misalignment and malfunctioning of those sensors and cameras. For example, aligning your wheels, fitting in aftermarket accessories, purchasing new tires, etc.

Even the most minute irregularity in the positioning of the ADAS sensors and cameras can compromise the safety of the vehicle.

What You should Know About Recalibrating Your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems?

If you happen to experience a problem with the system, you should get your car's advanced driver assistance systems recalibrated. Additionally, if the windscreen is being replaced or repaired, you may need to recalibrate your advanced driver assistance systems.

Depending on the specifications of your vehicle, it may need dynamic recalibration, static recalibration, or both.

Static vs Dynamic: Which does Your Windscreen Need?

The type of calibration required would vary depending on the type of car. Therefore, the manufacturer would have told you which one or if both are needed.

A skilled technician would also be able to tell you which one is required. However, information is power and it is advisable to be educated about your vehicle.

  • Static Recalibration

    This process is conducted with an image fitted in the front of the car and within a controllable environment. The technician uses the image to reprogram the sensors and cameras. Once this is completed, there would be a test drive to confirm if the reprogramming was successful. This whole process can take between one to three hours.

  • Dynamic Recalibration

    In this process, the car is driven on a well-marked road at a predetermined speed having calibration tools fitted in. This entire process could take up to three hours as well.

How does Calibrating Your ADAS Influence Windscreen Replacement Prices?

Now you are aware of the detailed work involved in calibrating your advanced driver assistance systems. If you replace your windscreen and recalibrate your advanced driver assistance system, the total charge would be more than the standard windscreen replacement cost.

The prices for advanced driver assistance system calibration could differ at different workshops. Depending on the number and types of ADAS features and what reprogramming is required, you can expect the price to be anywhere between $150 to $600 approximately.

Comprehensive Windscreen Replacement and ADAS Recalibration only at A1 Windscreens

adas windscreen calibrationA1 Windscreens is your one-stop solution for your advanced driver assistance systems calibration, windscreen replacement, and repairs. Our certified technicians are experienced in both dynamic and static calibration.

In a nutshell, ADAS is essential for smooth driving while keeping you and your loved ones safe. When you replace your windscreen, there is a shift and change in your ADAS when it is reinstalled. If it hasn't been shifted to its original location and isn't calibrated accordingly, it wouldn't be able to function as accurately as before.

Therefore, recalibration is important after every windscreen replacement to ensure that the safety features in your car are working efficiently. Failing to recalibrate your ADAS would be as equal to driving a vehicle with no ADAS features at all, making it unsafe to drive during these modern times.


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