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At A1 Windscreens we only use quality film that comes with a lifetime warranty, beware of cheap imports, there are lots of low grade films on the market which look ok, once fitted but will not last very long.

Turning purple and bubbling is the main problem with this film, it also has very little UV and heat resistance which means you have a hot car when left in the sun and damage to interior trims and possible sun burn for people inside.

What is the term dark as legal Victoria has strict Tint laws that the police and VicRoads enforces a 35% VLT (the combined total of the glass and film when put together) on all windows excluding the Front Windscreen which is 70% VLT.

Example: If the sun light is at 100% you can only block out 65% with your tint leaving 35% Visible Light Transmittance entering the cabin, VicRoads enforces a 35% VLT (the combined total of the glass and film) on all windows excluding the Front Windscreen which should not be tinted. Therefore, a window tinted below a VLT of 35% will render your vehicle unroadworthy.

Car TintMake sure your window film is quality and has these specs, Visible light Transmittance 35% which means the windows are tinted dark as legal so as not to affect your driving at night and keeping your car roadworthy, Total Solar Energy Rejected 53% this is the amount of heat stopped entering thru your glass to inside the car, Reflectivity 6% this means the glass when tinted does not look like a mirror making it easy to see thru.

UV Rejected 99% means total protection for you and your family from the suns burning rays, and last but not least a lifetime warranty.

At A1 Windscreens we make it easy for you to have your pride and joy tinted at one of our workshops in Hallam or Pakenham, local pick up and drop of can be arranged.

So don't waste your hard earned money on cheap film let us install the right film for your car which will last the distance and look good for years to come. All our work is guaranteed.

Client Testimonial


At Hallam Truck Centre, most of the Kenworth, DAF and Fuso trucks we deliver to customers have their windows tinted for heat and UV rejection prior to delivery; to do this, we gladly use A1 Windscreens. As their workshop is close by, and large enough to fit our large trucks, our workshop is conveniently left clear for our own work. The work of A1 Windscreens is of a high standard and is always supplied on time, even in accommodating the occasional emergency tint job.

It is a pleasure to work with Justin and his team as they are always professional, and resolve any issues quickly and with no fuss. Hallam Truck Centre and A1 Windscreens have formed a great business relationship, so when it comes to window film and glass repairs we confidently recommend them to anyone looking for quality work that is completed on time and in a professional manner.

- Belinda Campbell - Sales Coordinator, Hallam Truck Centre.



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