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  • Q. Can a Chipped Window Windscreen be Repaired?

    Yes, it can be repaired after providing a few details on the location and size of the chip on your screen. If you live in Melbourne, then we could organize a visit by a skilled glass technician from Melbourne to take a look at your screen at the location of your choice.

  • Q. How Long Does It Take to Repair a Chip?

    To fix a chip, it would approximately take about half an hour. It is essential to keep in mind that if you do not fix the chip on your windscreen in time, then it could get worse and maybe even cause the glass to break thereby calling for complete replacement.

  • Q. How Long will It Take to Replace My Windows? Can I Drive My Car Right away When the Job is Completed?

    If your windscreen is damaged, then it will require a replacement by a skilled glass technician in Australia. The process of replacing your window will take about 1 to 2 hours. After getting your screen renewed with a reliable replacement process, you can instantly get back on to the road.

  • Q. Can A1 Windscreens Technician Replace My Screen at My Home or Work?

    In most cases, windscreens are replaced by a mobile service professional. Therefore, you can get your windows/screen renewed at any location, whether it is at your home or workplace. This process is possible due to the availability of modern portable equipment and quick curing adhesives. They can also guide you through any insurance claims processes for whichever insurance services in Australia or Melbourne you opt for.

  • Q. How much Does a Car Screen Replacement Cost?

    The cost of replacement depends upon the make of your vehicle, the model number, the year of manufacturing, the type of windscreen and if your windows have any additional accessories such as rain sensors, heated screens, etc. Therefore, the cost of replacement can only be known once a glass technician has taken a look at your screen. Similarly, they can only answer any insurance claim related queries once they have assessed the damage.

  • Q. How much Does It Cost to Repair a Cracked windscreen?

    The cost of repairing a cracked screen depends upon the depth and length of the crack. If your windscreen has a huge deep crack, then it is recommended to opt for window replacement instead of repair. However, do ensure you run a credibility check on whichever professional you select in Melbourne or other parts of Australia.

  • Q. What Windscreen Cracks can be Repaired?

    The old cracks on your screen can be fixed however, it won't be as effective as repairing new cracks due to the presence of dirt and moisture in the old cracks. As for new cracks on your windscreen, they can only be fixed if the damage hasn't penetrated through the glass's laminated layers. It is recommended to get your screen repaired as soon as it chips or cracks.

  • Q. Can I Drive with Cracked Windscreen?

    A crack on your windscreen could obstruct your vision, depending on the size of your crack, you should choose to get it fixed immediately or drive to the nearest service store. It is not advisable to drive with a cracked screen. Moreover, you run the risk of an accident which your insurance claim's agency will not reimburse you for. Have a professional look at the windscreen to assess how the damage can be fixed in the best way possible.

  • Q. How do I Book a Car Window Replacement?

    You can simply book a car window replacement by visiting the A1 Windscreen website and emailing us at sales@a1windscreens.com.au or contacting us on +61 3 8795 7400 (Hallam) or +61 3 5924 3000 (Pakenham).

  • Q. Can You Help Me with My Glass Insurance Claim?

    Yes, we can help you claim your glass insurance. All you have to do is call and provide us with the details of your insurance and leave the rest to us.

  • Q. Can I have My Car Tinted the Same Day?

    Yes, you could get your car tinted the same day that you send it in for a window replacement service. To get your car tinted the same day, inform our service agent at the earliest so that he or she may book your slot accordingly.

  • Q. Can You Replace My Broken Side Window?

    Yes, we can renew your broken side window. Our repair and replacement services not only include the front but also the sides and rear windscreen.



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