Why Repair or Replacement of Damaged Glass is a Must!

Why Repair or Replacement of Damaged Glass is a Must!
Posted by Darren Pay on Aug 31, 2016

It helps your vehicle in more ways than you know of.

Your car windows are more important to the structure and functionality of the car than you think. When you sit in the car, you are literally surrounded by windows on all four sides - sides, rear, and windscreen. And that really is what works best when travelling!

Car windows at the side rear and front serve more than the purpose of enjoying the view. Although visibility for the driver is of prime importance, the glass does more than that. It contributes to the aerodynamics of the car and also help share the weight of the bonnet so that the car's overall structure stays intact.

If the car windows get damaged, you cannot afford to neglect it on grounds of inconvenience or cost. If you're wondering why professionals insist on repair or replacement because of damage you'll need to start with understanding things right from scratch.

The Construction of Car Glass

Car side window ReplacementAlthough it seems like the glass used for car windows are all the same, it actually isn't! The rear and side car windows are made from tempered glass.

For those not familiar with that term, tempered glass is treated in a way to ensure that if it breaks it shatters into relatively blunt edged pieces instead of shards.

The windscreen on the other hand is made from laminated glass. Although both are durable, the way they respond to pressure and impacts tends to be different.

Hence, treatment for damage on them is also different. Now that you know that they're different it will help you understand better why some damage requires repair while others require complete replacement.

The Purpose of Side and Rear Windows

Thanks to windows on the side and rear, not just the person driving but you get to enjoy an unobstructed view.

However, that's not all! They also help protect and keep you safe. Yes, I did actually use both those words together because they both refer to two separate functions.

When I say safety, I'm referring to how the laminated glass acts as a barrier between you and any accidental destruction that may be caused outside. By 'protection' I refer to you being sheltered from harsh weather elements like rain, sunshine, hail, flying debris, etc.

In addition, the side and rear windows also help ensure a peaceful silence in the car. How often, we find ourselves getting irritated by the sound of construction, horns, etc, as we drive by. The side and rear window help bring down the decibel level you and I have to deal with while inside the car. So when you put off a repair or replacement of the damaged area, you're basically saying yes to ruining your car as well as a great & safe travel experience.

What to Do if the Damage is Already Done?

To start with, you better have a professional look into the matter. Do not postpone this as what seems to be a minor damage could get worse because of the impact caused while driving.

By stalling, you compromise on yours and your loved ones safety. The cost largely depends on the make of your vehicle and the type of glass you opt for. With a professional's expertise, he'll be able to advice you whether the said damaged window needs repair or replacement.

When it comes to the rear window as well as side glass of your car, it most likely will need complete replacement. This is because, as mentioned above, it is made from tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into tiny pieces.

While getting that fixed you could even explore the possibility of getting the windows tinted for added safety measures in the future. The side and rear windows of your car are just as important as the windscreen. Safety, protection as well as the performance of the car get affected when you deem a repair or replacement as unnecessary at the moment.

Your car is after all your prized baby and your loved ones are even more valuable to you; do not neglect any damage caused to the glass. It may seem easy to neglect the side and rear window but do keep reminders to constantly check on the car window panes to see that they are in the best conditions. And finally, though it may seem tempting to attempt fixing things by yourself or do a 'quick-fix job', ensure you seek professional help.


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