Do I Really Want Window Tints?

Do I Really Want Window Tints?
Posted by Darren Pay on Oct 03, 2016

Read on to Know How it Helps!

Windows are just as important to a home as the basic wall structure, roof and door. They act as an outlet for ventilation and viewing the outside world.

To enjoy better views most people prefer to opt for panes instead or traditional-looking open-shut wooden windows. Besides using the right glass it is also important that you opt for tinting of the panes. This offers you a variety of benefits, which you will only be thankful for in the long run.

Let's start with understanding the different ways in which they enhance the functionality of your windows. But before that let's define what a tint actually is. It is the use of a clear or dark-coloured film that sticks onto your pane as a result of the adhesive on it. It helps by way of giving you privacy. This is largely dependent on the colour of the one you choose. Films are available in a variety of colours ranging from clear to dark.

The tint film helps keep prying eyes out of your home, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest. You're free to do whatever you want and not be threatened by peeping neighbours or passerby's. This automatically ups the safety factor.

Choose a shade of film that you will be happy to look at for a long time. Mind you, they can only provide full-fledged privacy during the day and not in the night when you make use of artificial lighting.

  • Keeps the Temperature in Check:

    Being anti-reflective, they keep the glare of the sun as well as the harsh UV rays out. This means it keeps out the heat of the sun. When the temperature is soaring outside you can be at ease within the comfort of your home.

    Since your home will take longer to 'heat up' you automatically will have to use the air conditioner far lesser than you usually would. This film not only adds to the safety of your home but helps it 'stay cool', literally!

  • Protects Furniture:

    When you opt for window tints what you don't realise is that not only are you opting for safety of your home but are also ensuring safety of the assets in your home.

    Sunlight is one of the many factors that cause the fabric of your couches, carpets, and curtains to fade and even maybe even develop holes in them. It also protects the fittings in your home from undergoing similar damage.

  • Reduces Condensation:

    Often a change in the temperature levels can lead to condensation. This phenomenon can especially crop up with the use of the air conditioner. A window film acts as a barrier and stops the condensation process from occurring frequently or at all.

  • Lower Electricity Bills:

    As mentioned above window film helps keep your home cooler and provides safety from the glare and raging temperatures. They also prevent the furniture from your home from heating up quickly and acting as insulating material to make you or the room even hotter.

    As a result you tend to use lesser of the air conditioner, which in turn helps you save on your electricity bill. While window films work extremely well for summers, winters may require additional use of the heater because of less sunlight and natural warmth in the room.

  • A Posh Appearance:

    As films have become an indispensable part of modern day buildings, adding window tints also makes your home look more welcoming and classier.

    In addition, it makes the pane anti-graffiti so you stand to gain more. Anti-graffiti panes aren't just something that parents or pets require. Having anti-graffiti film gives you the benefit of renewing the look of your windows at any given time. Crayons, markers, scratches whether caused by a member of your own home or a guest - you're going to be really thankful for having film on your windows.

    However, just be mindful of your neighbours comfort. I say this because being reflective; window films deflect the glare and possibly project the light into your neighbour's homes. Light shining out of vehicle headlights and sunrays reflecting off your panes could indeed harass your neighbours. Keep in mind your neighbours comfort too when choosing tints for your windows.

Opting for window tinting is something you won't regret, but, only if you make a well-informed decision. Now that you have a realistic understanding of how this modification will enhance your home, you can decide whether you really want to go for it.

As a rule of thumb, its best to get this done through a professional to enjoy the benefits to the fullest. Just like every other thing it may have a few disadvantages but if added safety and anti-graffiti panes are what you're looking for, you're bound to be happy with your decision.


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