Pros of Commercial Window Tinting Services for Cost & Energy Saving

Pros of Commercial Window Tinting Services for Cost & Energy Saving
Posted by Darren on Feb 14, 2024

If you are constantly looking for ways to improve profits and cut off unnecessary costs from your budgeting then you have come to the right place. As a business owner, established or not, you would agree on the fact that increasing costs of HVAC and lighting significantly affect your operational costs. However, one easy and effective solution to this issue would be to install commercial window tints onto your glass as a way to be energy efficient and save on your cost.

  • Minimizing HVAC Energy Usage:

    While HVAC systems are vital for a comfortable Australian workplace, they also are big contributors to 50% of energy usage. By tinting your commercial windows, you could cut down on energy consumption significantly. As an effective insulator, tinting your windows would help maintain the temperature levels indoors regardless of what time of the year it may be.

    An efficient tinted window can block around 80% of heat out and soften the stress on your air conditioning systems. You do not need to worry about your commercial space being colder during the winter because the tinted windows help retain heat indoors. Hence, they are vital for cutting down on your costs and aid in minimizing your business’s carbon footprint.

  • Harnessing Natural Light to Cut Costs:

    Did you know? About 40% of energy consumption in a commercial building comes from lighting. Therefore, by tinting your commercial windows, you would be allowing ample natural light to illuminate your space while managing any harsh glares too. By using natural light efficiently you would be reducing the use and dependency on artificial lighting, thus resulting in additional energy savings. Additionally, your employees would be provided with a more comfortable environment to work in without any glare or high-temperature distractions.

  • Minimizing Peak Demand Costs:

    Your peak demand costs are based on the highest energy consumption during 15-30 minute intervals at peak hours. However, tinting your commercial windows will significantly help you reduce the amount of lighting and HVAC usage during peak hours thus reducing your peak demand costs in total.

  • Cost Cutting & Return on Investment:

    Investing in commercial glass tinting can give you a higher return on investment as it would significantly reduce the cost of HVAC and lighting usage. Although it might seem like a lot to invest in initially, in the long run, you would be saving much more.

  • Asset Conservation:

    Besides lowering operational expenses, commercial tinted glass offers other benefits like blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your interiors and furniture from sun damage by reducing any exposure to those rays and extending its lifespan significantly.

  • Picking A Tinting Solution:

    There are various factors that you will need to consider if you fully want to enjoy the benefits of window tinting services.

    Those factors include:

    • What type of glaze is used
    • The climate conditions of your region
    • The window faces direction

In conclusion, opting for professional services in commercial tinting would help you make the best decision for your office space not just only financially but also in terms of reducing your business’s carbon footprint and the longevity of your resources.

You will find commercial tinting as a smart long-term investment for your business especially if you are looking for ways to better your energy efficiency and cost saving. If you reside in Australia and are looking to get commercial tinting services for your office space, then you can contact the experts at A1 Windscreens.


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