How to Select the Right Window Tint Shop?

How to Select the Right Window Tint Shop?
Posted by Darren Pay on Sep 03, 2020

Picking the right window tint shop isn't as easy and simple as it seems. You might consider and prefer a window tint shop based on an online advertisement or depending on what they offer. However, making a hasty decision without thorough research could result in you picking the wrong window tint shop.

When it comes to picking a window tint shop, your decision could either lead to satisfying results or it could result in a shabby job that tarnishes the value, beauty and look of your car. Therefore, it is vital to first conduct thorough research before you make any decision.

How to Find the Best Local Window Tinting Shop for You?

  • Ask for Personal and Verbal Reviews:

    A person's personal experience is more trustworthy and authentic than an online advertisement as it makes you aware of the Pros as well as the hidden Cons that you may not have seen coming.

    If you know of any family member, friend, or co-worker who got their windows tinted, you could ask them for their opinion on the job and personal experience with the shop and staff as well as how satisfied they are with the results. Gathering people's opinions before finalising on the shop will help you make the right choice.

  • Check the Quality of the Window Tint on the Cars of People You Know:

    Car Window TintOnce you get a chance to get a proper look at your friend's window tint, look for any signs that portray a shabby job especially around and near the weather stripping. A common sign to look for is a sliced up weather stripping, this means that the installer wasn't careful while cutting and fitting the tint.

    If you notice any signs of cuts or scratches on the paint near the window, then the installer hasn't done a good job and instead ruined the beauty of your vehicle. Look for even the minutest details as all of them matter when it comes to picking the right shop for you.

  • Observe the Tint Job From a Closer Angle:

    Everything might look perfect and clear from afar but once you come near, you may notice a few flaws here and there but that is only if the job wasn't conducted by skilled workers. While inspecting, take a closer look for bubbles and to check if they are evenly fitted on all sides and angles.

    If you are looking at a window tint that is only a few days old, then you might notice some streakiness but that is only because tint requires a few weeks for it to completely get dry before becoming clear.

  • Look for Online Reviews About Local Tint Stores:

    If a window tint store provides quality service, you will definitely come across some good online reviews on their website as well as on famous online search engines like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc. Since images speak louder than words, while looking for online reviews also keep an eye for images of the service or results post service as they could help you make a better decision.

    A window tint shop that is known for their quality service would surely post images of their prestigious and fine-quality work online, so you can be sure that if they are posting images of their finished work online, it must be good.

  • Visit a Few Stores in Person:

    Once you have made your list of shops that you would like to visit, it would be easier for you to compare the services and cost and make a decision accordingly.

    When you visit the shop, if the owner is easy to talk to and openly shows you around the shop, look to see if the area is spick and span and is indoors as the windows need to be clean for the tint to stick properly.

    The owner will also inform you about various options of warranties, materials, etc. and would show you some of their samples.

  • Decide on Which Shop You Prefer:

    After you have conducted thorough research, regardless of the cost option, you should choose a window tint shop that provides quality service as they would want to give the best quality service to their customers in the first go rather than having them dissatisfied and returning for repairs or re-dos.

In conclusion, window tints aren't a decision one should take easily but rather carefully after thorough research, to ensure the money and time they invested reaps quality results and aids in adding beauty and safety to their vehicle rather than looking cheap and requires investing more money to redo the faulty and sloppy service.


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