Damaged Side Window Challenges You May Face Daily

Damaged Side Window Challenges You May Face Daily
Posted by Darren Pay on Mar 29, 2022

Although your windscreen is a vital part of your car, the side windows are equally as important too. If your side windows are cracked, chipped, or malfunctioning, it would be really inconveniencing as you would have to face various problems on a daily basis.

Fortunately, repairing or replacing the glass as soon as possible will help prevent these problems. So without further ado, let's learn about the various challenges you might face on a daily basis if your car window is damaged.

  • Blocked Vision:

    Proper visibility is highly essential for driving safely on the road. If your vision is obstructed due to cracks or chips on your car window, it could prevent you from seeing ongoing traffic more clearly. It would also be an even bigger challenge to drive safely on the road during extreme weather conditions.

    Therefore, if your window is cracked, you should get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Keep in mind, if you get caught by an official for driving with a cracked window, you would get fined!

  • Jammed-open Window:

    Car Side WindowSometimes, vehicle owners leave their damaged window jammed open and continue to use their vehicle as it is. However, ignoring the damage doesn't solve the problem but instead attracts more problems. If your car is parked with an open window rolled down, pests and wild animals such as rodents, raccoons, cats, dogs, or skunks could enter and make a mess while seeking shelter in your car.

    Additionally, during drastic weather conditions, rain, dirt, snow, or hail could enter and damage the interiors and mechanical functioning of your vehicle which could lead to higher expenses to fix the damage.

  • Drive-thru Service Problems:

    If your window is jammed open or closed and doesn't allow you to open or close it as often and easily as you like, you would be dealing with many inconveniences. It would be challenging for you to use the drive-thru service to pick up stuff as your window wouldn't open easily, you would therefore need to exit your vehicle and go into the store for the purchase.

    You would also not be able to get a proper car wash service until your glass is fully functional. You might even find it challenging to communicate with security guards, other drivers/pedestrians on the road to ask for directions as that would need you to get out of your car.

  • Decrease in Proper Ventilation and Gas Mileage:

    There is no better way to cool down cost-efficiently than by rolling down your window and enjoying the fresh air while driving on a sunny day. However, if your glass is cracked, you wouldn't be able to do so and even if you did, the frequent pressure and movement could cause it to get bigger cracks or shatter completely.

    Therefore, to keep yourself cool, you would have to use your air conditioning regularly and for a long duration which would drain your gas and result in you paying more. Even if you drive an electric vehicle, it would drain the battery.

  • Door Complications:

    Car side window ReplacementOpening and closing your door often on a daily basis adds a lot of pressure to your car's glass. In the long run, the intense vibration and pressure could result in glass damage which would require a replacement if it is too severe.

    However, if your window glass already has cracks or chips, then even the slightest increase in pressure when shutting your door could lead to it shattering.

    Keep in mind, it is also really difficult to replace the glass if it shattered because the technicians would need to completely detach the door from the body and remove the broken pieces of glass stuck inside the door before installing a new glass.

  • Emergencies:

    As we all can agree, life is full of unexpected moments some of which include emergencies. You can never predict what might happen or how it might happen, what factors could help or prevent you from escaping an accident and getting yourself to safety.

    For instance, a functioning glass would be your route of escape if your car fell into a lake. Therefore, it is essential for your window to function efficiently to keep you safe during an emergency.

In conclusion, a fully functioning and non-damaged glass is essential for driving safely on the road. If your glass is weak with cracks or chips, you would have to keep facing different kinds of inconveniences daily. Therefore, it is vital that you maintain your windshield and side glass and get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible if you notice any cracks.


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