Is Your Car’s Windscreen at Risk of Developing a Stress Crack?

Is Your Car’s Windscreen at Risk of Developing a Stress Crack?
Posted by Darren Pay on Nov 27, 2018

Stress has a curious way of always causing damage. If you nodded your head in agreement think of health hazards, think again. This time the reference was with regard to stress cracks that develop on the windscreen of your car.

Many vehicle-owners have encountered this issue first-hand or at some point or the other. And nine out of ten times, the car-owners are confused as to how and why the stress-crack happened in the first place.

However, the laws of gravity maintain that something would have triggered that effect and this blog attempts to educate you on the same.

Identifying a Stress Crack

Let's start with how to tell whether the damage you'r seeing on you'r windscreen is a stress-crack in the first place. This is simple. To begin with, you need to analyze if the damage to the glass appears random and without real cause.

Secondly, a professional eye from a certified repair and replacement service in Melbourne would be able to identify and confirm whether it is a stress crack.

Where Would a Stress Cracks Develop?

Now you may be wondering which part of the windscreen is most susceptible to a stress-crack. They generally appear at the edge of the glass.

However, they can quickly become large and cause even more damage calling for major repair or complete replacement if exposed to temperature fluctuations or if the vehicle is driven on uneven surfaces.

Factors Contributing to a Stress Crack

Now for the big reveal; the reason behind this mishap. This particular damage is caused by fluctuating temperature or vibrations caused due to uneven roads. Over a period of time, these factors can cause certain points on the windscreen to develop weak spots. And then one day even the slightest amount of pressure may cause it to crack.

Sometimes, this can also happen due to a structural defect that may have taken place due to incorrect installation of the windscreen or residual stress on the windscreen's edges, or the heating + cooling process of the windscreen. In some cases, if the airbags, dashboard, and roof are in poor condition, these factors could cause harm as well.

What to do?

It is best that you bring your vehicle to a professional's attention immediately. Although it may appear negligible at first, that crack could quickly spread to the point where it interferes with the driver's vision, making the vehicle extremely unsafe to use. Plus, the longer you wait the more the affected point's range increases.

How Much does It Cost to Repair a Stress Crack?

The cost for repair or replacement would depend on the location and size of the crack. If it is in line with the driver's vision, you may need to go in for complete replacement. However, a good service may be able to help you out in a cost-effective way if you bring the problem to them as early as possible.

You can avoid having to deal with this problem by avoiding exposing the screen to extreme temperature fluctuations. This includes not washing the glass with cold water when it has been sitting in the hot sun for hours. Nor should you do the opposite during the winters to defrost the glass.

Drive slowly and carefully if you absolutely must on uneven or rough roads. Should your car's glass develop a chip, crack, or a stress crack, get it seen to immediately to avoid it from spreading and becoming larger, thereby bringing on an exorbitant cost. And finally get your car regularly serviced from a reputed service in Melbourne.


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