Is Your Car’s Windscreen at Risk of Developing a Stress Crack?

Is Your Car’s Windscreen at Risk of Developing a Stress Crack?
Posted by Darren Pay on Sep 24, 2021

Did you know windscreen damage can also develop internally and not just externally? Often people think cracks are caused by flying objects or stones on the road, but little do they know that something as simple as the sound of music or the temperature can cause internal cracks on a windscreen.

A stress crack, known as an internal crack, occurs when the windscreen's internal layer is damaged. It also means that the structure of your windscreen is weak and collapsible. A fragile or damaged windscreen is not good news for any driver, and it is life-threatening to passengers, the driver, and pedestrians. So let's dig into the various factors that cause internal stress and how to prevent windscreen damage.

What Causes Stress Cracks to Appear On Your Windscreen?

  • Change in Temperature:

    One of the main reasons for internal stress cracks on the windscreen is often due to extreme fluctuation in temperature. If your car is parked outside for quite some time, under the direct heat of the sun, it would be best not to turn up the air conditioning.

    Since your vehicle is experiencing direct heat for an extended duration, turning on the air conditioning to cool it down when you get into your car would cause a sudden temperature change. This temperature change from hot to cold would cause your glass to contract, which could damage your windscreen in the long run. It is also applicable when the car is out in the cold for too long and you suddenly turn on the defroster or heater. The heat would cause your glass to expand, leading to an internal crack.

  • Incorrect Installation, Manufacturing Defects, or Poor Quality:

    Damaged WindscreenWindscreen cracks can also appear if your glass is of poor quality, if it wasn't installed correctly, or even if there are any manufacturing defects. Any of these problems mentioned, weaken the structure of your windscreen, which results in cracks appearing at the corners or edges of your windscreen.

    However, along with windscreen damage, these issues also make your windscreen inefficient in protecting you during an accident.

    Therefore, you should always get your windscreen installed by a reliable professional who will use good quality glass and install and secure it properly. If you are looking for a professional in Melbourne to get your windscreen repaired or changed, you can contact the experts at A1 Windscreens in Melbourne for the proper installation of high-quality windscreens at a cost-efficient budget.

  • Wear & Tear:

    Just like every other materialistic thing, car windscreens too lose their firmness after a while. The sealant could lose its strength and get loose, which could cause it to shift from its space or crack. Either way, a worn-out windscreen with a weak internal structure and cracks can't fulfil its purpose of providing safety while enabling visibility.

    Although this issue is common in older model cars, the younger models are no exception. Therefore, it is best if you get your car inspected by a professional and get any necessary repairs or replacements done as soon as possible.

  • Loud Music or Sound:

    Blasting music in your car while driving might be your way of staying awake, dealing with the stress at work, or your personal therapy session. However, it can do much harm to your windscreen and cause stress cracks to appear. If your windscreen is already damaged, playing music loudly could worsen the damage or even cause it to shatter.

How to Prevent Internal Windscreen Cracks?

  • Using a Windscreen Cover:

    The quickest and probably the easiest way to prevent stress cracks is by using a windscreen cover. Keep in mind that finding a shaded parking spot is even more challenging than finding a parking spot in general. In situations when you have no other option than to park outside the shade, a windscreen cover comes in handy. You should use your cover not only during summer but also in winter to prevent any extreme temperature changes.

  • Get Your Window Tinted:

    Car Window TintWindow tinting is a great way to prevent overheating and provide additional strength to your glass.

    Since tints reduce heat, it could protect your glass from suffering from extreme temperature changes or potential cracks that could occur due to temperature fluctuations.

    By installing tints, you are saving yourself from the extra expenditure of fixing and replacing your windscreen from cracks or damage.

  • Alter Your Lifestyle:

    Many of us make the mistake of turning on the heater or cooler as soon as we get into our car. However, doing so causes a fluctuation in the temperature inside the car, which results in glass damage.

    Therefore, we suggest that before you turn any of these on, you allow your car to naturally cool down or get warmer by either rolling down the windows completely or leaving a small gap for ventilation. This step may be hard to follow, especially during extreme weather conditions, but since it is essential to prevent internal stress and windscreen damage, you should try your best to follow it.

  • Reduce the Volume of Your Music:

    Whatever your reason may be to hear music loudly in your car, if you want to protect your car from glass damage or cracks, it is essential to reduce the volume to a reasonable level, that won't do your vehicle any damage.

  • Promptly Repair Windscreen Damage:

    Regardless of when you noticed the crack, whether it was a few days after a road trip or as soon as it was damaged, it is essential to get your windscreen fixed or replaced at once. Prolonging your windscreen repair appointment or delaying calling a technician, could cause the damage to worsen.

    A crack that could be repaired if left unattended could require a replacement in total which would also result in you spending much more. Therefore, the sooner you get that crack on your glass inspected and repaired, the better.

  • Get Professional Help:

    Car at WorkshopYou should never compromise on safety. As your windscreen plays an important role in the protection of your loved ones and yourself, it would be best not to settle for a cheaper glass or get it repaired by an amateur.

    You may think it would be cheaper to get your windscreen fixed somewhere cheaper, but it could be faulty, which will cause your glass to crack or shatter, requiring you to pay additional costs to get it replaced.

    Therefore, ensure that you only get your windscreen installed or tinted by a professional expert and any repairs or replacement is only conducted by a skilled and certified technician using the best quality glass.

In a nutshell, your windscreen is essential for protecting you and other passengers if there is an accident. A structurally weak or damaged windscreen can't protect you from flying objects. Therefore, it is best to maintain your glass and ensure there is no stress cracks or internal damages. Various factors cause the glass to develop cracks.

However, being aware of these factors and adopting the preventative steps mentioned above will help you avoid developing cracks on your windscreen.


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