Importance of Glass Pitting Repair for Windscreen Safety

Importance of Glass Pitting Repair for Windscreen Safety
Posted by Darren Pay on Nov 26, 2021

Have you heard the saying, "The small foxes ruin the vineyard"? Similarly, it is the minute damages that soon worsen and destroy your car glass. Tiny pits and chips are often overlooked as harmless due to their size. But if not fixed, it would lead to cracks and your windscreen shattering.

Therefore, to avoid such drastic situations and to ensure the safety of your windscreen, it is important to fix your pitted glass as soon as you can. However, that is not all, below you will find everything you need to know about window pitting and the importance of repairing your glass early.

What causes Windscreen Pitting?

Windscreen pitting is the damage caused naturally to your glass due to dirt, dust, sand, small stones, etc. As compared to other objects that cause chips, these particles are rather smaller. However, the accumulation of these particles over time causes windscreen pitting.

Since the damage is caused by such small particles, it isn't easily visible at once but once it does begin to show, by then it is too late and gets even more severe. People that often drive at high speed on the highway or frequent busy and debris-filled roads are more likely to experience glass pitting by flying sand or stones that get embedded into the windscreen, weakening its structure and obstructing your vision.

If you are known to speed on the highway or travel through dusty and busy roads, it would be best for you to get your car windscreen inspected every once in a while to ensure there is no sign of glass pitting.

Importance of Repairing Window Pitting Early:

Car at WorkshopEarly diagnosis of a problem is always the best and important as it gives you a bit more time to fix it before it worsens. As most car-owners are aware, a windscreen repair is challenging regardless of the problem.

However, glass pitting repair is an even bigger challenge for technicians. Therefore, inspecting your car glass often for any pits is always the best way to identify windscreen pitting at an early stage. Learning how to identify early signs of windscreen pitting would also help more than you think it would.

If you prolong fixing your windscreen thinking that the damage is still small and harmless, it could worsen soon. It might get far more damaged for a repair and would require a complete replacement service. Delaying the repair could also hamper your vision by making your glass foggy which makes driving on the street unsafe for you and other pedestrians.

Why is Driving with a Pitted Windscreen not Safe?

  • Affects Visibility:

    When dirt, debris, and sand constantly hit your windscreen, it leads to bubbles and tiny crates being formed on your glass which reduces visibility. The pitted glass distorts your visibility by reflecting headlights, sunlight, streetlight, and any type of light in other directions, making it hard to see and even causing temporary blindness. Therefore, although it seems less dangerous to drive with a pitted windscreen than a chipped one, it is still not safe to do so.

  • Weaker Protection:

    One of the purposes of a windscreen is to protect you and other passengers in the vehicle during an accident. However, a pitted windscreen doesn't provide as much protection as a fixed or perfectly new windscreen. The pitted glass is also more susceptible to shattering or breaking if the damage worsens because the structure of the glass is already weakened due to the pits created.

    Therefore, a pitted windscreen provides lower than usual protection which is not recommended for driving on the road. Keep in mind that getting your pitted windscreen fixed sooner would prevent the damage from worsening which would also result in a lower repair cost.

  • Ineffective Windscreen Wipers:

    If you leave your pitted glass unattended without fixing the damage, it could damage your window wipers. Your glass wipers could either break or lose shape which makes them inefficient in wiping away water. If your window wipers do not efficiently wipe away the water, it could affect your vision while driving. Therefore, it is not safe to drive your vehicle if the glass is pitted and if the wipers do not work efficiently, as it heightens the chances of getting into an accident.

How to Get Rid of Windscreen Pitting?

Car WindscreenIf you notice any signs of glass pitting, you can be sure that your safety is being compromised. Glass pitting not only affects your visibility while driving and damages your windscreen wipers, but it also provides lesser than required protection on the road.

Therefore, it is essential to get rid of pits on your glass by getting it fixed as soon as possible to prevent further destruction.

If a constant glare in a specific area of your glass has caught your attention while driving, then you should visit a technician and get it inspected as early as you can.

The bottom line, window pitting compromises the safety of you and your family if not repaired early as it affects your vision and glass wipers. Therefore, it is essential to fix your pitted window as soon as possible by a skilled and experienced technician to ensure a thorough repair service. 


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