The Importance of Windscreen Safety

The Importance of Windscreen Safety
Posted by Darren on Mar 11, 2023

It is very often that drivers downplay the importance and significance that windscreens play in car protection. Not only do they aid in protecting the passengers in the car from harsh weather conditions, flying elements and accidents, but it is also vital for the overall safety of the driver and vehicle.

If you have a properly installed windscreen that is crack and chip free, you can be more at ease for your safety while driving and especially during a collision. In case of an accident, the windscreen plays a huge role in aiding proper airbag inflation, stopping occupant ejections and preventing the roof from crushing during a rollover.

Additionally, they also help provide torsional strength when the vehicle gets lightweight. However, a damaged windscreen would significantly decrease the integrity of the glass and hamper its efficiency in providing protection. Driving on the road with a cracked or chipped windscreen not only is dangerous for you and the passengers in your vehicle but also for the civilians and fellow drivers on the road. Therefore, it is recommended to fix or replace a damaged windscreen as soon as possible before the damage worsens and to keep you and others safe at all times.

Over the years, while repairing and replacing windscreens, our technicians noticed that a significant amount of windscreens were of low quality and therefore inefficient in providing proper safety. Therefore, if you decide to get your windscreen repaired or replaced, you should only get the service done by a professional and at an authorised and well-known company.

  • Airbag Deployment:

    Various tests report that due to improper windscreen installation, airbag inflation is affected. Since the glass isn't fitted securely, the glass breaks due to the pressure caused when the airbag is inflated and the airbag is deployed outside the structure. If the airbag is deployed outside, it wouldn't be providing safety to the passenger in the front seats.

    When the tests were conducted with dummies between cars with a properly fitted windscreen and an improper installation, it showed that the one with a poorly installed glass caused more severe head injuries than the car with a proper windscreen installment. Therefore, airbag deployment is affected due to a damaged or improperly installed glass, leading to compromised safety of the passengers and driver.

  • Front Passengers Ejection:

    According to the Transport Research Laboratory, the chances of a windscreen that is installed efficiently to stay intact during an accident is high. It also helps in ensuring that the front passengers are held back in their original position and are not ejected forward and through the glass. Additionally, the severity of the injury to the passenger being ejected and through the glass would be threefold during an accident. Therefore, windscreen safety is vital for keeping you and your loved ones safe while driving on the road.

  • Roof Inwardly Crushing:

    The importance of glass protection is also displayed in a rollover accident where the roof crushes. When the car's windscreen isn't fitted properly, the chances of the roof crushing inwards and towards the front passengers rises by up to 30%.

  • Study Results on Windscreen Protection:

    The Transport Research Laboratory designed a windscreen safety study where they collected and categorized the data on glasses that were priorly replaced after which they analyzed the overall protection by the replaced glass and quality of the glass.

  • In Conclusion, the Transport Research Laboratory Study Found:

    From the 35% of previously replaced glasses that were tested to find any protection defect, more than 14% of them exhibited high and medium risks in protection. This means that over 36,000 replacements that were conducted annually, showed signs of poor quality and safety problems.

    Additionally, 11,800 to 17,800 per year had replacements that could severely compromise the car's safety and its occupants. These findings only point towards the importance of getting a replacement only by a specialist with extensive knowledge and skills to prevent yourself from being one of the individuals with a highly risky windscreen, especially when it comes to your Advanced Driver Assistance System.

  • Windscreen Safety and ADAS:

    adas windscreen calibrationAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems, is used to describe the broad spectrum of safety and technological advancements seen in most modern cars.

    Most Advanced Driver Assistance System technologies used in windscreens depend on a network of sensors found all over the car as well as a main camera mounted accurately behind the rear view mirror and on the glass. ADAS-equipped car's system requires recalibration after having its windscreen replaced. It is impossible to emphasize the value of accurate Advanced Driver Assistance System calibration for guaranteeing driver safety.

    A complete recalibration of your Advanced Driver Assistance System ensures that all of your safety equipment are functioning at their very best. Your Advanced Driver Assistance System' functionality will be severely limited if your replaced windscreen is installed improperly, even by a few centimeters.

    Note that manufacturers always specify their particular Advanced Driver Assistance System calibration standards since every vehicle is different.

    It's important to remember that ADAS recalibration isn't only necessary right after a full glass replacement. For instance, if your ADAS camera has been detached or if your vehicle has recently undergone suspension or wheel alignment work, you should get a full ADAS recalibration.

A1 Windscreens is the most reliable and well-known ADAS recalibration network in Melbourne. We provide our solutions for all ADAS-enabled automobiles as well as same day windscreen replacements. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

In a nutshell, windscreen safety is essential and shouldnt be downplayed as it plays a vital role in protecting you and your loved ones as well as your vehicle during a collision.

We hope this article has made clear how important a windscreen is as a safety feature and the reason why you must always choose a professional service when replacing or repairing your glass.


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