The Future of Windscreen Technology in Australia

The Future of Windscreen Technology in Australia
Posted by Darren on Sep 03, 2022

The quality of your windscreen plays a big role in your driving experience. And the progress towards more efficient and better vehicles has been widely seen in the evolution of windscreens too. From the innovation of weather-sensing wipers to tints and shatter-resistant windscreens, we've come a long way.

And if you're wondering whether there is scope for more developments in windscreens or whether we've maxed out on how good windscreens can get, especially in Australia, simply read on.

Trends & Technology

The first ever windscreen was added to a vehicle in 1904. The first of the lot, however, was one without enough protection for those in the vehicle. Did you know, laminated windscreens were only introduced in 1919, and it was only in 1973 that it became compulsory to have a safety glass for your vehicle.

Tempered glass was only introduced in 1938. This proved to be very beneficial as it was cheaper to produce, thinner and more shatter-resistant compared to regular glass. Curved windscreens came about in 1947 and tints for windows and windscreens were only introduced in 1957.

Rain sensing wipers for windscreens were only introduced in 1978. These are wipers that use an infrared light beam to measure how much light reflects through the windscreen and how much rain has gathered on the screen.

Changes in Windscreen Technology

car windscreen melbourneThere have been more developments in the technology of windscreens than what you may think. The first Windscreens were not as big or advanced to have tints.

And as the advancements of technology and innovation soar, there have been even more developments in this area to make driving more comfortable and efficient.

Here's a Few Noteworthy Developments to Make Note of:

  • Panoramic Windscreen

    The panoramic windsceen provides 31 square feet of uninterrupted view for the front of the Tesla's Model X. If you're wondering about the scorching heat, the car comes with the ability to tint the windows according to the sun's intensity.

  • Electrochromic Glass

    There are Windscreens that allow you to limit the amount of sunlight that comes into your vehicle - the electrochromic glass. It does this by using the solar film between its layers of lamination to filter out the light based on your liking. It is the same as the smart or switch glass.

  • Infrared Glass

    While this particular kind resembles standard glass, it is more advanced and can be considered a better option. It reflects up to 50% of infrared rays as it tries to enter your car. This helps avoid instances where you dive into your seat only to realise everything inside feels like it is capable of burning you. Additionally, you don't need to run your air conditioner on a higher output just to keep your car cool all the time.

There have been even more significant changes to the technology in windscreens. Some of these are heated glass, shaded glass, light sensors, night vision, ADAS, heads up displays, and more.

Future of Windscreen Technology in Australia

  • Augmented Reality Windscreen

    You'd be able to see directions, speed limits, traffic warnings and more - all on your windscreen! You'd also be able to see graphics and virtual objects on your screen too.

  • Driver Facing Camera

    While we're not sure how safe this might be, there may be plans for a feature that allows the driver to control various parts of the car with just a look. Imagine controlling the air conditioning or GPS with just a look.

  • Gorilla Glass

    After becoming a much-loved part of smartphones, many car manufacturers are certain gorilla glass may be quite a durable choice for Windscreens as well while offering clear vision. Gorilla glass may also be a lighter option compared to the regular glass.

  • Wiperless Windscreen Wipers

    This would be possible by using the same ultrasonic sound that fighter jets use to repel rain and snow while in the air. Imagine never having to worry about your wipers having to manage heavy rains.

While these pieces of technology are still being developed and tested by different vehicle manufacturers, you can expect to see these marvelous options very soon in the near future.

The Benefits of Windscreen Technology Advancements for Melbourne Car Owners

windscreen melbourneFrom all the current advancements so far, some of the most useful ones for car owners in Melbourne are infrared glass and window tints. These help car owners in Melbourne drive better and more comfortably during the hot summers. Rain-sensing wipers have been proven to offer increased safety for owners in Melbourne too.

While there are efficient and more advanced Windscreen technologies soon coming your way, it is important that you ensure you take care of your current Windscreen too. Remember to regularly check the status and efficiency of your windscreen and its wipers.

Also remember that timely repairs and replacements can go a long way in maintaining your windscreen and vehicle over the long run. You can also get help from a professional if you're unsure of your vehicle's requirements yourself.


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