The Ideal Guide to Taking Care of Your Car’s Tinted Windows

The Ideal Guide to Taking Care of Your Car’s Tinted Windows
Posted by Darren Pay on Mar 01, 2017

There was a time when seeing tinted windows meant seeing someone that’s rich or famous. These days it is a growing fad seen on every second car that passes your way.

Mobile window tinting helps attain privacy from outsiders having a view of the inside of your vehicle. This is a way helps secure your valuables inside your vehicle by not being a clear temptation to burglars.

Another one most important benefit of having window tinting is to protect yourself and the interiors of your car from the harsh UV rays of the blistering sun that tend to not only magnify on your skin and heat up the inside of your vehicle but also damage the interiors of your car over a period of time.

Tinting for cars help promote a cooler atmosphere inside the car. Besides who wouldn’t want the glamorous look black tints add to a car?

If you’re thinking about giving your car a make- over, securing it, maintaining your privacy and opting for the other benefits tints provide, tinting is the way to go!

Benefits Window Tints

Professionals will equip your vehicle with nothing but the best tinting work. Of course once the tinting is done certain measures need to be taken to preserve and maintain the tinting work.

Here are a Few Ways to Help You Get Started

The Basic Water and Cloth Procedure:

  • Tinting is basically the application of a fine layer of film on your car window. Care and caution is a key while washing them. The easiest method would be to fill a spray bottle with water and gently dampen the glass with them after which a paper towel or a microfiber cloth can be used to wipe it clean. Avoid using different types of towels and clothes to prevent the tinting from being damaged.
  • While wiping the glass, do so in a vertical direction first after which a quick analysis of the glass for any water stains can be done before proceeding to wiping in a horizontal direction.
  • Dirt and other residue can be a difficult to remove using just water and a cloth so you might need to repeat the process for the stubborn stains.
  • The next step would be to roll down your windows so that the tops can be cleaned too. Cleaning the tops is equally important as that is where the dirt is usually trapped because of the window lining.
  • After the tops are cleaned you can proceed to cleaning the inside of the window to attain a sparkling result.

The Advanced Method of Glass Cleaner and Cloth:

  • If you have some really tough to remove stains that are not taken care of by water you can always use a specialised glass cleaner and a cloth.
  • Any products that contain high levels of ammonia are a strict no-no as they are the ultimate destroyer for your window tints. A lint free cloth or paper towels are the best to use for those procedures. Make sure to spray the glass cleaning formula onto the cloth or paper towel to avoid spot formation.
  • Cleaning the window speedily is important as glass cleaner solutions are known to dry up quickly. The same procedure can be repeated for the tops and interiors of the glass.

Taking care of your cars tints helps them look good and remain effective for a longer period of time. And now that you know how it won’t seem like too much of a difficult task.


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