The Real Difference Between a Window Film and A Car Window Tint

The Real Difference Between a Window Film and A Car Window Tint
Posted by Darren Pay on Jul 23, 2018

Let's start with why you need it...

A while ago James bought his first car after careful spending and wise saving. Undoubtedly it has sentimental value and is a matter of pride for him. Now commute to work, home, and hang-out sessions are quicker, convenient, and maybe even marginally cheap no matter how far he has to travel out to in Melbourne or Australia.

However, within a short span, he realises the perils of the Australian heat, the sun's glare too makes drives uncomfortable. To make things worse, just last week he noticed the leather on his car seats seemed to have gotten discolored. Should he be worried? Did he get duped into cheap leather seats? Does this mean it's going to start getting worn out? What nobody told James was that he absolutely needed to get his car windows tinted.

Don't be like James. Protect your car in the long run by having car window tints that will protect its interiors from damage caused due to prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. Better yet, car window tints can enhance the privacy the vehicle offers you, protecting it from vandalism. Also, you and your co-passengers don't have to sit there getting burnt in the hot summer sun.

But first...

That said before you head off to get this enhancement done, make sure you're going to a reputed professional service that assures you of guarantee-backed work and use of the best materials.

In case you're not all too familiar with this particular topic, we suggest you acquaint yourself with the difference and details between car window tinting and another commonly heard word, window films.

So, What's the Difference between Window Tints and Window Film?

Yes, they both are used on your car window. But, the former refers to a part of the process while the latter can be used to talk about anything about the process.

At a quick glance, here are the main points about window films to keep in mind when conversing with a professional:

  • There is a complete range of films like dyed, metalized, ceramic, crystalline that correlate to the different tinting services you can choose from. The type of service you select will dictate which film should be used. Choose from grey, black or even a colored one depending on your taste and usage.
  • The most commonly used brands for you to keep in mind are 3M, SunTek, Sun-Gard, Solar Gard, Llumar.

Tints, on the other hand, can sometimes come from the factory itself, that is the windows are dipped in a certain pigment to make them darker in color.

However, these aren't the kind that will keep heat and damaging UV rays, out nor will it protect your car interiors and your skin. If and when you hear someone speak about car tints they could be referring to the kind of window film used, the percentage of how dark the film is, or the brand. Broadly speaking, when someone says they've had their car windows tinted, they mean their vehicle has a protective film that was installed by a professional service.

Finally, when you do set out to have this installed for your car, keep in mind that you're taking extra measure to protect your car from damage in the long-run so avoid taking chances with DIY techniques and ensure that you go to trained professionals who use legally-approved tints, made from premium materials.


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