Reasons Why Your Heavy Equipment Glass is in Danger

Reasons Why Your Heavy Equipment Glass is in Danger
Posted by Darren Pay on Jan 22, 2021

Your car isn't the only vehicle that is required to be protected and cared for from cracks, chips, or any other windscreen damage. Heavy-duty equipment like bulldozers, tractors, backhoes, excavators, etc. all need to be protected, maintained, and inspected for damage yearly.

These heavy-duty equipment are more in need of maintenance than your regular car, as they are used in a heavy line of work and are constantly exposed to debris, stones, sharp objects, pressure, heat, etc.

Here are a Few Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Your Machine's Glass Repaired or Replaced.

  • Hard Line of Labour:

    The function of a machine's glass is to protect the operator from flying objects by being a durable barrier. However, in the process of protecting the operator your machine's windscreen ends up taking the hit and that results in chips or scratches on the glass which then adds extra pressure to your machine's screen, causing it to shatter later.

    If chips are not fixed at the right time, they lead to further damage which may require you to get your windscreen replaced rather than repaired.

  • Staying Protected:

    A damaged machine glass would provide less protection as compared to a heavy equipment glass with no-fault. To continue fulfilling its purpose by providing the uttermost safety to the operator, it is essential to fix any damaged glass. Heavy-equipment windscreens differ as per the make and type of machine, but if you find the chip or scratch in time, you could get it repaired rather than replacing it. If your chipped glass can be laminated, flat, or tempered glass, there is hope for it to be restored.

  • Hard Labour Interference:

    According to OSHA standards, a glass is required to be without fault to protect the operator from any harm. If your machine glass has any chips or cracks it could shatter with the pressure and harm the employee or obstruct the view of the operator and delay his work, thus, affecting his job efficiency.

  • Personalised Choices:

    Keeping in mind that every machine is different and has different requirements, customisation is available to suit the needs of your machine. Whether you require a custom-cut or a tempered glass, you can get it personalised according to your choice. A good-quality machine glass repair needs skills, experience, an eye for perfection, dedication, and time.

  • Future Damage Prevention:

    Machine windscreens are prone to damages as they directly come in contact with sharp or harmful objects. Although it is difficult to prevent them from occurring, you can take precautionary steps to prevent the damage from worsening. The sooner you notice the damage, the higher the chances are of you getting your glass fixed. Since your machine's glass plays a vital role in protecting your employee from harm, it must get good quality care and services.

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Be it a windscreen repair, tint, or a replacement, no one understands your equipment's needs better than us. Not only do we know what's best for your equipment but we also provide the best quality services, choices and care for your equipment. We understand what a huge role your windscreen plays in contributing towards the protection of your employee and strive to provide that same protection for your windscreen.

In a nutshell, various unavoidable factors cause your windscreen to chip, crack, or shatter. However, noticing these small signs of damage early and getting it fixed as soon as you notice it will aid in enabling your windscreen to provide continuous and better safety for your employee.


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