Making The Best of Rock Chip Windscreen Repair Problem

Making The Best of Rock Chip Windscreen Repair Problem
Posted by Darren Pay on Nov 08, 2016

A sudden rock hits your windscreen, leaving it with a chip or crack in the glass. Instead of getting bothered with what just happened try looking at the situation optimistically. That windscreen right in front of you did its job!

It saved you from the rock that was coming at you. It possibly even saved you from getting injured.

Now that you’ve calmed down you could look at solutions for the crack, scratch or chip in the glass. First things first, do not try any DIY hacks but have one of Melbourne’s professional look at the windscreen.

Just so that you aren't clueless, here are a few things you need to know about a rock chip windscreen repair.

Reasons that bring on the need for a windscreen chip or crack repair

Not every crack and chip is to be handled in the same manner. Depending on the damage the professional suggests different treatments for the windscreen glass.

What might these factors be, you ask?

  • The professional will inspect the size of the damage done to the windscreen, whether it is a speck, spot or covering most of the windscreen.
  • Chip, crack, etc they tend to differ in their impact and so categorize as different types of damage. A certified technician will suggest repair based on the type of damage.
  • The extent of the damage done to the windscreen is just as important.

    Types of Chips

  • There are also different types of rock chip damages like bulls-eye, star, bat’s wing, dart board, etc. Some damages might not require heavy-duty repair. For others it could even entail removal of the windscreen glass.
  • We may the windscreen as a whole but to a professional the glass is understood in terms of location depending on what purpose that part of the glass serves.

Under what circumstance will I need to replace the glass?

The below mentioned damages cannot be fixed and absolutely have to be repaired through complete glass replacement.

  • If the damage is too long or has a complicated vein design.
  • If the damaged area is inside the windscreen.
  • If the scratch or crack is at the edge of the glass
  • If the damage occurs in the line of sight, affecting the driver’s visibility.
  • If debris collects in the crevices, making it impossible for it to be cleaned up prior to repair.
  • If the damaged area included an antenna or built-in sensor.

How will the professional fix this damage?

Irrespective of the kind of damage and required repair, it will first need to be thoroughly cleaned so that the debris.

This is done through a vacuum injection pump that sucks out the dirt and dust from intricate grooves. The crack is then filled with resin to replace the air in it and finished off with ultra violet light to cure the resin.

Must I repair damages only through professionals?

Why would you even consider otherwise? Your car is a prized asset and a result of an investment of your hard-earned money.

With their expertise and the right technology they will tend to the matter effectively. Their solutions will also ensure that you do not have any problems for the future.

What’s more they also offer a guarantee, which you could use to your advantage to get the best for your car. In fact you even stand to benefit for regular servicing facilities for your car.


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